Darkness SkyEdit



Status: Just Started
Sires: The Storm Sires
Allegainces: None Yet
Precceding: None Yet
Seccedding: Cloud as Cold

After the battle of SandstormClan they leaders has stop the evil Sandstormstar from kidnaping and killing cats.


Cloudstar watch his clan fell apart, he knew he had to leave them right now or never.

Leapfish mewed, "Cloudstar please don't leave us, I don't care if your mate is Fallenfern of ThunderClan."

Cloudstar mewed, "I have to go Leapfish, I broke the warrior code. My mate was killed and my two kits were sent to live in WindClan." He was remembering his kits Whiskerkit and Coldkit.

Blizzardfallen, Sandstormclaw, Hurriecaneblaze, Tornadowind, and Floodheart were ready to go.

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