Duststar's ProhecyEdit

Author: Scarkit
Sires:The ThunderClan Sires
Status: Just Started
Allegainces: None Yet
Procedding: None
Secceding: Sandstorm's Wish
The 4 kits have to get ready for the evil and save the clans.

Prologue Edit

Dustpelt watch as Bramblestar was killed by the dog. Poor Squrrielflight, no father of her kits. He ran towards the dog and fought it off.

Bramblestar mewed, "Take care of ThunderClan Dustpelt. Leaf, Lion, Rain, and Ivy will save the clans from evil darkness."

He yowled while Lionblaze, Greystripe, Bumblestripe, and Leafpool came to see what happen. Bumblestripe and Leafpool carried the body towards camp.

Squrrielflight mewed, "No Bramblestar, I'll miss you, StarClan please take care of him."

Her newborn kits came running over.

The brown tabby she-cat mewed, "Mommy why are you crying."

Squrrielflight whimpered, "Leafkit, your father died."

Dustpelt ran up the High Rock, "May all old cats that can fight and hunt come under High Rock for some sad news."

Everyone was gathering.

He said, "Bramblestar was killed by a dog saving my life. The new deputy will be Sandstorm. Also may Lilypaw and Seedpaw you are getting your warrior names. Lilypaw and Seedpaw do you promise to protect your clan for rest of your life."

They said, "We do Dustpelt."

He said, "By the powers of StarClan Lilypaw until you retire as an elder you would be known as Lilyflower. Seedpaw unitl you retire you will be known as Seedlily. For tradition you have to stand guard over night."

Clan Members yowled, "Lilyflower. Seedlily."

Chapter One Leafkit's POV Edit

I was being chase by Ferncloud's kits Rainkit, Tigerkit, Darkkit, Longkit, Mousekit, Bettlekit and Sootkit. My sister Hollykit, my two brothers Larchkit and Lionkit were helping me hide.(Larchkit is a bad hider.)

Rainkit mewed, "I give up Leafkit."

I was behind why can't he see me. A Tom appears right next. "Hello Leafkit, my name is Longtail, elder of ThunderClan. I need to tell you something.Leaf, Lion, Rain, and Ivy will save the clans from evil darkness."

I did not understand. Rainkit went back to the nursery.

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