Author: Scarkit of BlazeClan
Status: Just Started
Sires: The Power of Five Sires

Allegainces: None Yet

Precceding: None
Secedding: Day that will not Last
Spellcheckers: None

The five kits have just been born and given powers by the moonlight and from StarClan. But a new rise from Dark Forest is near.


Soulstorm walk around StarClan with her mother of Dasiyflame.

Dasiyflame mewed, "Five will protect the clans from Dark Forest all of their lifes."

Soulstorm mewed, "You mean my kits Scarkit, Dovekit, Lionkit, Bramblekit, Burnningkit, Smokekit, Scorchkit, and Jaykit."

She nodded, "Take care my beatiful and yep but not Burnningkit and Smokekit."

Then Soulstorm woke up to see a shape in the entrance it was Burnstripes with Burnningkit and Smokekit the kits taking them to FireClan or was She dreaming. Not.

Chapter One: Scarkit's POVEdit

I was being chase by Rainkit, Sootkit and Sorrelkit.

I yowled, "U never catch me Rainkit." We heard

"Nap time kits." It was Rainkit's mother Willowstorm.

Sootkit mewed, "But mom, I'm not terid."

"Sootkit don't disobey your mother." it was uncle Thistlewhisker.

They went to the nursery to see my 4 other siblings. Dovekit was sleeping next to Bumblekit, Blossomkit, and Berrykit. Bramblekit, Lionkit, and Jaykit were still awake getting ready to take a nape. So was I.

While I was dreaming

I saw a cat running away from me. I tried to catch but he was to fast.

A tom appears, "Hello Scarkit, my name is Firestar, that tom was Bramblestar trying to find your brother."

I asked, "Were you the leader of FireClan or ThunderClan."

He mewed, "ThunderClan, my mate was Sandstar of ThunderClan."

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