The Powers of Five SiresEdit


Scarkit of BlazeClan

Sires Status: Just started
How Many Books: 6
Books Titles: Moonlight, Day that will not Last
Allegainces: None
Spellcheckers: None
Scarkit, Dovekit, Lionkit, Bramblekit, and Jaykit kits of BlazeClan have powers in their paws. They go through the life of lost, love, avdentures, triators, and forbinned in their clan and the other clans.


Set OneEdit

  1. Moonlight: The five kits have just been born and given powers by the moonlight and from StarClan. But a new rise from Dark Forest is near.
  2. Day that will not Last: After the battle with GrassClan, they just found out there will be a day then it won't end.

Set Two: Blazing Sky SiresEdit

See Blazing Sky Sires.

Author's NoteEdit

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